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I dress Shion in rompers like this from akachan honpo too- that one is cuter than the two I have. The other things I put him in are jimbei since they breathe well.

Noah often wears a t-shirt and shorts or sometimes a tank and shorts pj set.


That's a great pattern on the pajamas. You have good style when it comes to dressing Shuma. Have you thought about using a onesie over the nappy, and then a light, long-sleeved, loose-necked shirt? That's what we used to use for summers in Vancouver. I knoe these shirts are available in Japan, I used to wish they were available here, but they're not. Sorry, the only label I could read was for a short-sleeved one made by Uniqlo. The other one I found just now is a long-sleeved from (I think) Fugasaki. I don't know if that's the name of the maker, but if you think what he wears in the photo is a bit heavy, I suggest a onesie with a light shirt over top.


Summer clothing is actually very hard to find and especially for babies who are so gentle and delicate. However you've made a good choice with these.

If you still looking for kids pajamas, you can find them at: http://www.pajamamania.com/pajamas/kids/infant.html

Pajama Jeans

The way these polka-dot pajamas look really enhance the "cuteness" factor of your baby. Thanks for posting this. Great read.

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